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Originally Posted by GuyClinch View Post
Exaggerate much? 5.0s are usually ex college players who have gotten older in the last 20 years or so. Sometimes they are teaching pros.

No one on this thread really wants guys not to avoid obvious chances to come into the net. Its the in-between shots - the kind of shots where you could come in and stay back. That divides the aggressive net player from the baseline basher/all courter.

Lots of people choose to stay back on these. I don't know what kind of '5.0' you hit against but in most of the world those guys can hit a hella nice forehand which will rip apart mediocre approach shots or lousy half volleys.

It sounds to me like you beat up on some 3.5 pusher and decided to start this thread.. In your mind he is probably a 4.0 and thus you think that aggressive net play is money against 4.0 - 5.0 players. Its not for most players.

And with the evolution of the game its not going to be anytime soon. Why you think that somehow the pros have absolutely no relevance to our game is beyond me. The same issues pros have with going to the net - amateurs have as well.

Yeah amateurs don't have as powerful groundstrokes but they also don't have volleys, overheads, approaches and half volleys that are comparable either. So just like the pros most people stay back on neutral rally balls.
You are right, I am making it all up.

Let's review - I play singles tennis. Have played with guys in this very thread who play 4.5-5.0 tennis and know me in person. I play USTA teaching pros who are 5.0, and now and then I play a 5.5 ex D1 tennis player and a blue chip junior when he needs a match.

You dont play singles at all and each post just becomes more and more of an attack on what I am saying, regardless of what I actually say.

Once again you display just horrible comprehension skills. I bolded where just to try and illustrate how full of BS you are. I never once said to hit lousy half volleys or follow mediocre approaches to net.

I have posted video of my game here, and have played with multiple people from this site. Who are you, where is your video, and can anyone vouch for you? Or are you just another guy mouthing off who wants to fight online, but in person would be passive?

Just curious where this animosity comes from, because you have been making up lies and twisting my words every single post you make. Why? It makes no sense to me.

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