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The 5.0 teaching pro comes to net a lot and has a beautiful net game. And he grew up in spain and was trained there. Go figure. He was another person who encouraged me to come to net more.
You do realize you are proving my point right? Players who go to the net and do well are doing what is right for them. You are the exception and not the rule.

Recreational players stay back because - they know their odds of success aren't good.

Listen to what Ken Flach says - most people stay back because they don't know how to volley well. That's all I am saying. For LOTS of rec players they are better off staying back.

That doesn't mean they shouldn't LEARN to get to net. Or that for every player going to net is bad. But if you are in a match its not often the right move for the average rec player.

I have to say I think you are being mean spirited and purposely argumentative. Its pretty disappointing. You might be a good tennis player but you need to work on your people skills.
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