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Originally Posted by Golden_state_of_mind View Post
I'll take take that bet all day long bro. I think your Southern California princes are in for some surprises when the Bears come roaring into town.
i just see it from the results point
Cal has 2 losses so far, 0-4 vs Virginia and 2-4 vs Texas

vs UVA, Cal not win a single set....they just were blown away and easily would ve lost 0-7 as i see it. Bergevi, johnson and bayane were blown away by Domijan/R.Shane/Kwiatkowski
vs Texas, Cal took the doubles point but never had a really chance in singles.

okay, all was indoors, cal maybe is more an outdoor team, who knows, but these results show a lot.

Texas had a chance to beat Ohio State,so this loss vs Texas was okay for Cal
but not getting any set vs Virginia, just showed..they ve not top5 talent...
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