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Originally Posted by GuyClinch View Post
You do realize you are proving my point right? Players who go to the net and do well are doing what is right for them. You are the exception and not the rule.

Recreational players stay back because - they know their odds of success aren't good.

Listen to what Ken Flach says - most people stay back because they don't know how to volley well. That's all I am saying. For LOTS of rec players they are better off staying back.

That doesn't mean they shouldn't LEARN to get to net. Or that for every player going to net is bad. But if you are in a match its not often the right move for the average rec player.

I have to say I think you are being mean spirited and purposely argumentative. Its pretty disappointing. You might be a good tennis player but you need to work on your people skills.
Normal people are mean spirited and argumentative when attacked and insulted many times. If you have this much of a social issue where you can't see how it came to this point, that is your problem and not mine. Plus you put words in my mouth every post you made and singled me out in every post even though there are plenty of people in here saying the same thing as me. I am going to assume you are smart enough to know what you are doing, so just by writing that last paragraph, you are basically doing the same thing again. It's pretty obvious, so just let it go or email me through my profile and we can talk about it offline.

Past that - yes, people stay back because they can't volley well. That actually proves my point that they should work on their net game and come to net more often. Your argument at first was that it's not SMART tennis correct? Now you are saying they should LEARN to get there and that is what I am saying as well. The best way is to get a few lessons and work on just the net skills with a pro and then go out there and work it into your game. Just like any other tennis skill. Nobody ever said anything else. I definitely would not say - just go to net with no clue what to do. Obviously you need to spend a little time developing this part of your game, but I also said this many times.

You are probably aware that coming to net is not just about making the volley. It's also about training your mind to move forward when you are used to hanging back. That in itself is why I keep saying that rec players should be attacking the net a lot more. You have to develop that type of strategy in your head and then make your feet move forward. It's a different mindset, and that is why I really like that Brent Abel article. Just read through it, and tell me he doesn't have good points. He also addressed most of your points earlier as well about being passed, and the other aspects you kept bringing up.

So all of this stuff has been addressed. At the end of the day you disagree. Awesome. We get that. But you also do not play singles tennis anymore, so I am not sure why you would care this much.
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