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Originally Posted by chris-swede View Post
this was the ita preseason list
where do they stand now?

1 Mackenzie McDonald UCLA
2 Andrew Harris Oklahoma
3 Brayden Schnur North Carolina
4 Gage Brymer UCLA
5 Ronnie Schneider North Carolina
6 Nick Horton NC State
7 Thai-Son Kwiatkowski Virginia
T-8 George Goldhoff Texas
T-8 Alexandru Gozun South Florida
10 Alexandru Ghilea Oklahoma
McDonald, great player, winning most of his matches on #3 vs very good competiton.
Teammate Brymer is also really good, but plays #4 where he is 7-2 in finished dual matches.

Harris, a top40 player, has 10-2 singles wins in team-matches all on #3 and #4, he is also 7-2 in #1 doubles, amazing for a freshman.
His teammate Ghilea is having a hard time, he is only 3-4 on #5 and #6 singles.

Schnur maybe is the best out of this list here, he is 12-0 on #1 , really looking forward to the weekend match vs UVA. Schnur is killing people on court !!!
Teammate Schneider is 13-1, on #1 mostly on #2 and #3, he would be a #1 player..if Schnur would not be there...
There is also Jack Murray on that team, he is 11-3 mostly on #4

Goldhoff had a good fall, where he beat Liebitis, Webb, Bettles, but has recently struggled, he is 6-9 on #3 Singles and lost his last 4.
Nick Horton is struggling a little bit, he is 6-6, mostly on #4, also he is great in doubles. Is winning mostly in #1 doubles with Sean Weber.

Kwiatkowski, it is allways tough to be on the uva -roster, he only could finish 7 matches so far, he is 6-1 in that, covering 4, 5 and 6.

Gozun was a joke on this preseason list..he is 5-14 mostly on #3 and #4 ...also he earlier beat Wagland and Diep, he is really struggling so far.

So far Schnur is my real FOY, followed by players like McDonald, Brymer, Schneider but also Goldhoff, Murray and Harris
have u other players for a freshman list ? Like Lakat and ???

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