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Originally Posted by diredesire
[...]Q: What are some arm friendly racquets?
A: There are a ton of different opinions on this subject, so I won't try and list all "arm friendly" racquets. If you want to read about what makes a racquet arm friendly or not, check out this link:
DISCLAIMER: Racquet research (apparently) has stopped being updated because of incomplete/inaccurate formulations, leading to rankings that don't take into account human factors. Take all information read there with a grain of salt, and also do a quick search about any interesting racquets on the boards to supplement any findings you come across. Thanks J D for the input.[...]
Wilmot McCutchen did NOT stop updating the Racquet Research site because of incomplete and/or inaccurate formulations. If this were the case, he would have removed the formulations! Instead, he stopped updating RR for personal reasons, which I won't go into here. Furthermore, Wilmot gave his permission for the USRSA to make use of his research.

For an abbreviated, updated list based on Wilmot's research, check out:
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