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d3 tennis IMO is playing at higher level than ever, it's a lot deeper. I recommend a website called It's updated regularly, and if you read it, you'll be an expert on d3tennis nationally.

If your school is not competing nationally, you can still have a great's really what d3 is all about...having fun, learning about yourself, traveling, making lifelong friends. Some of my best friends now are guys from the team...and guys from other schools too. I am playing a former teammate tomorrow morning...and it's gonna be a of luck
Hey there, I saw this thread and thought I might like to chime in. I am the head writer for the blog that's quoted above. I'm not going to advertise my blog as it already has a great following, but I do encourage you to check it out.

Either way, I'm a former DIII tennis player and now obviously still very much into the game. DIII was a great choice for me because I was able to pursue my academics at a high level but still play tennis at a very competitive level as well. The DIII landscape has really changed over the years and we are now getting some of the best players in the nation to commit to some of our best DIII schools. However, it's not just restricted to the best, that's for sure. There are plenty of other DIII schools for players that are maybe not as serious, yet still want to keep the racket out of the closet. It's always fun to be a part of a team and a group of guys or gals that are really working to a common goal. DIII promotes the best of both worlds because there are not very many guys looking to go pro or just keep their scholarships. Everyone is in it for the tennis, and that's what makes our division so unique. Good luck with everything!!
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