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Originally Posted by KineticChain View Post
People are clueless about this type of thing. Fed has very low bf %. He appears "tubby' in that image because he is completely relaxed/slouching and lighting

The 5 pictures below were all taken minutes apart:

It's lighting, angle, posture, tensing, salt intake, ect. can affect how you look at any particular instance.
You can read an article about this here. It is a very big aspect of all the before+after pics you see with weight loss junk.

Fed is always unusually relaxed/slouched. That is why he looks that way.

When he's not slouching he has a slim athletic build

Originally Posted by Bobby Jr View Post
This is a perfectly apt example. Nice work.
Quite amazing, I must admit. It's quite unbelievable the pictures were taken within an hour. Maybe the haircut made him look ripped then?

Some people have big tummy even if they are not fat. I guess Federer was just chilling out and relaxing during a holiday in that picture. He is also in his 30s so can grow his stomach quite easily. Of course, once the season starts, he'll be in shape, but even professional athletes get out of shape while they are not training.
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