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Originally Posted by NatF View Post
I'm not overrating Federer's opponents, all those players are good players it was a point considering depth not top competition. Olmedo, Cooper and Anderson did very little in the pro ranks. Olmedo won the US pro with a pretty tiny and weak draw. Certainy a weaker opponent than most of Federer's top contemporaries.

This is a question of competition, I'm pointing out Federer had tough opponents. Federer played more big events than Rosewall, if he just played Wimbledon and the USO he would have been undefeated also.

I didn't say Gonzales was semi retired for the whole period but he played only one pro major in a 2 year span from 1962 to 1963.

Laver was at his best when Rosewall straight setted him for the lost of 8 games? The fact is even by the end of the year Laver still had some ways to go.

You need only to read match reports of some of his finals versus Rosewall to see he was 'sluggish'. He had also had some back problems by then. He wasn't at his best in the matches I mentioned.

Agassi played fewer matches which is why his ranked dipped, he was still a very tough player also. Though almost exclusively on hard courts. Federer had mono in 2008 which caused a decline that year, he was better again in 2009. Losing a step or some motivation getting closer to 30 is normal for a lot of great players.

Where is your logic that Federer's contemporaries were weak? The fact is guys like Cooper were just there to fill in the numbers for the most part. He made a few semi's of pro majors which isn't a great feat but that's all.

He still in his first (rookie) year as a pro yes?

Nah, don't think so. 40 year old Segura being #2 on clay but that's a strong era lol. We can at least say that Federer had much tougher clay competition with Nadal
NatF, I have asked you to focus on modern tennis...

Olmedo, Cooper and Anderson did not do very little in the pro ranks: Olmedo: US Pro, Cooper: European GP, Anderson: Wembley!!

How strong Anderson was you can see if you know that Mal beat peak Newcombe twice in 1972/73 when he was already 37/38. Anderson even had two matchpoints against peak Connors in 1974 when being semi-retired and already 39!

The three "weak" players had also Gonzalez, Rosewall, Hoad and Laver as tough opponents...

Gonzalez in 1962/63 was virtually retired.

I did not say Laver was at his best at the 1963 US Pro. He was very strong then and lost to Rosewall clearly as he also did two years later in the 1965 US Pro...

Hoad had always back problems...

Cooper was there to fill in the numbers: Are you kiki 2 ???

Laver was not anymore a rookie pro when losing to Rosewall in mid-1963. He had improved already a lot.

40 years old Segura was great on clay. He had Rosewall, Gimeno, Gonzalez, Hoad, Cooper and Trabert as very strong opponents on clay!

Please ignore tennis history! It's too difficult for you, as you always are showing...
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