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Originally Posted by Tenez101 View Post

Just fyi, don't hate Fed fanboiz: Fed comes off as kind of a jerk in person. He just got out from the ESPN booth at Cincy, so I heard the end of his tv interview with Pam Shriver et al. He definitely puts on a false air of humility for the camera, in person he's more gruff or aloof in a regal kind of way. Though maybe one can't really blame him since he has to deal with hordes of fans wanting his autograph all the time.

Novak is definitely more "chill" in person, warmer and more affable with his fans. Not sure why people say he needs to work to get attention, there were also swarms of autograph-hunters around him wherever he went.
Keep in mind that it all depends on what day it is...when it comes to how well they are acting towards people they don't know. They are just like us, we wake in a different mood sometimes and just don't feel like dealing with the world.

Went to WTA event, noticed how big their hands are in contrast to the normal woman' hands. Some looked normal size.
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