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Originally Posted by KineticChain View Post
People are clueless about this type of thing. Fed has very low bf %. He appears "tubby' in that image because he is completely relaxed/slouching and lighting

The 5 pictures below were all taken minutes apart:

It's lighting, angle, posture, tensing, salt intake, ect. can affect how you look at any particular instance.
You can read an article about this here. It is a very big aspect of all the before+after pics you see with weight loss junk.

Fed is always unusually relaxed/slouched. That is why he looks that way.

When he's not slouching he has a slim athletic build

All I know is my best friend as a child, who was always skinny, could make her stomach look like she had a beer belly on demand. She was nicknamed watermelon, cause the was such a difference in size, and was under 5 feet tall at the time.
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