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had pretty much courtside seats for the blake/young us open match. young seemed to have solid legs and arms like a noid toy

its like he had strong forearms but from the elbow to shoulder was a rubbery whippy tube. blake on the other hand looked like most of his joints were purely aesthetic purposes. his arms seemed like they never wanted to bend and he was almost topheavy. (i know we'll mention the back issue) but even the way he walked he was soooo much on his toes that it seemed like he wanted to topple foreward. i can see from his body cadence why he always wanted to take the ball early. he doesn't look like he'd be comfortable moving backward for anything. just lean on the ball and spank it. blake is solidly build . sharapova was huge with shoulders 4 feet wide with an olive for a head compared to the shoulder size. roddick was broader then i though. becker seemed like he could shoot fire from his chest like a superhearo.
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