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Originally Posted by tommyfr View Post

So in short: if you want to BUILD a player that can beat 99 % of all the tennis players in the world, focus on developing the persons TECHNICAL skills to Mastery. Then you have a player on a different planet.

Or as Robert Landsdorp (who dont focus much on mental training) said: if you go to a battle, the opponent with wooden sticks, and you with a cannon, normally you come with a lot of more confidence.
Oddly just watched a final of this match up of a cannon vs wooden sticks this morning in jr 16s. One big athletic kid who played all his life with trained strokes and a booming serve vs another athletic kid who took up the game later, but was good at retrieving. The obviously higher trained kid lost the 1st set badly with his normal ripping strokes, that worked well, but came back just often enough to un-nerve the more skilled player's confidence and challenged his shot tolerance. 2ond set the skilled player shifted gears, and despite the nerves and long rallys, gutted out a tight set victory, but the 3rd set went to the wooden stick as the cannon seemed to be low on power....
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