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Originally Posted by user92626 View Post
Apparently all the training or his life hasn't been long enough. IMO, if a match is won by defending and retrieving, it's pretty low level!

Another thing I observe is for regularly competing players, 3 sets are never exhausting to them. Strange that junior fitness can't handle 3 sets.
By the finals you can not say that. Geez, we just had kids play 2 long tiebreakers on a Saturday, one at 8 am then the 2nd at 5 pm, not getting off the court until 7 pm. Then Sunday a match at 8 am that went 7-5, 7-6, a match at noon, then a tiebreaker in the finals......on Har and humid.

Its pretty common for players to be almost dead by the finals. Junior tournaments are notorious for schedules sometimes making kids play an insane amount of high level tennis over the course of a weekend.
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