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Originally Posted by Ash_Smith View Post
That's an interesting statement sureshs - can you elaborate?
The way the brain was explained was that it was a little computer inside the body. The impression given was that it did some calculations on input and spit out some output. However, it was not clarified that the brain is not like a computer chip in a very important respect. A computer CPU remains the same whether you plug anything to the USB interfaces or not. But the brain and resultant consciousness is shaped by the sensory experiences. It is now speculated that there is no such thing as a hidden center of consciousness. Being human is part of the consciousness of a human. The awareness of where the body ends, how it moves, and so forth, are part of the brain experience. A human can never understand a bear's consciousness. But you can take out the chip from one motherboard and plug it into another. Not for the brain. The circuits it sets up (which are real physical changes) are the result of perceptions from the rest of the body.
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