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Originally Posted by Topspin Shot View Post
It's actually probability. In the WTA, the players don't have big serves, so in some cases, they hold as often as they break. If two players are equally good and have a 50% probability of holding serve, a bagel set will occur 3.125% of the time. On the men's tour, hold percentages are much higher, around 75%, meaning that a bagel set will occur only 1.318% of the time. Breadsticks and 6-2 sets are also much more likely when neither player has a big serve.
Yup that is the obvious answer. Many ATP players avoid bagels by just serving up a few aces in one game.

No need to insult WTA players as "mental midgets."

The qualified high-level coaches who are actually sought out by them don't stoop to such levels.
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