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Originally Posted by Ash_Smith View Post
This is why human beings often make terrible decisions when under stress.
I have read this in various contexts and have no doubt it is true.

However, I have to ask "in comparison to what?" A low-stress situation? Of course. If there is no immediate fear, we can think clearly, take our time to weigh the pros and cons, and come up with a good decision. How are we supposed to do it in a desperate situation (in real life)? So the comparison seems unfair.

The reason I mentioned "real life" is that it is possible to train oneself to make good decisions under stress in "play" situations. I have heard that race car drivers can control the car as it is skidding or toppling over and their brain is still in control. Nadal chasing down a ball has trained himself to get to it and put it back in the most inconvenient place for his opponent. But these are situations either of no real threat or a planned-for threat. What about a real unplanned strange threat?
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