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Originally Posted by 5263 View Post
Oddly just watched a final of this match up of a cannon vs wooden sticks this morning in jr 16s. One big athletic kid who played all his life with trained strokes and a booming serve vs another athletic kid who took up the game later, but was good at retrieving. .
When Landsdorp referred to "cannon" he did not refer to a 4.5 level or so jr. He referred to the fact that he didnt put much emphasis on mental training when coaching Sharapova or Lindsey Davenport, Tracy Austin, Pete Sampras, and many more. He focussed on developing Superior technique. Mastery. Then you come to compete with a good level of confidence, concentration.

I happen to be a tennis coach and sport psychologist as well, and I believe the mental part is very important. Sure. I have seen hundreds of junior matches and it happens now and then that the technically weaker player wins, but that was not the point. When two player on similar level competes the mental part is often decisive.

But again, to build an ideal player, such a player who can beat 99% of the tennis population, you need to focus the majority of the work on technique.

And as Rick Macci says: "good fundamentals lasts a lifetime, and unfortunately, so does bad fundamentals"
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