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With Ash's breakdown - I put timing and feel into technique - so its way ahead of any other factor. I think all the top pros have better technique then the low level tour guys.

It might be tempting to put timing and feel into 'mental' but lets be honest its pretty unconscious. Rec tennis players are generally a nerdy brainy bunch so they like to boost up the 'mental' side of the game more then it deserves.

I was playing my friend and he was shanking like every third ball into the net - it was an easy victory for me. Was it great mental toughness.. Not really - it was just some bad technique on the part of my opponent.

You do see some pros take too many risks and play a poor mental game but if you really study the game you will see this is uncommon. The guys who lose to Federer just aren't as good 'technically'. They don't hit the sweet spot as much - they don't have the timing - they don't have the touch.

I remember Agassi - what they said was that he was the greatest ball striker they have ever seen. That's all technique. He can hit off the rise better then almost anyone. When Agassi was a little kid he once hustled Jim Brown out of some serious money..I suppose a 9 year old Agassi had better mental toughness then Jim Brown eh?

Near the end of his career he started playing smarter tennis - but he won championships with sometimes 'dumb' shot selection and great technique. He certainly didn't have a better 'mental' game for most of his career. I watched Agassi when he was a kid - he took ridiculous high risk shots - and made them.

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