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Player A This player would win at lower levels regularly, but would get punished at pro level.
Technique - 70, great footwork, anticipation and ball striking easily beats the athletic ability of his peers.
Mental - 70, if you can keep your cool in any situation it will trump fancy tactics
Physicality - 35, enough to cover the baseline and hit at pro pace, but unable to run down winners and overpower players.
Tactics - 25, enough to: know not to go for broke all the time, know to aim for the empty space, and know not to feed the opponents weapon.

Player B This player would pull off the big upsets at pro level but never dominate. Perhaps Safin?
Technique - 75, hits the ball very cleanly with great power.
Mental - 20, usually crumbles under pressure
Physicality - 80, able to crush the ball with awesome pace, which his peers cannot match, and is capable of going the distance.
Tactics - 25, has a very effective 1-2 punch which is used ad nauseum.

Player C Wins regularly at pro level but can't pull off the upset. Basically Ferrer:
Technique - 40, Solid dependable groundstrokes and solid footwork.
Mental - 50, Keeps to the plan, but struggles against very talented players who can break the rules
Physicality - 70, able to run down anything all day.
Tactics - 40, builds points with topspin shots, reactive rather than pro-active.

Player D Defensive goat candidates (Nadal/Djokovic), break all the rules.
Technique - 80, Great groundstrokes which break apart opponents.
Mental - 90, Able to bounce back from ridiculous lows and can easily hold a lead.
Physicality - 90, able to run down anything all day while blasting powerful winners off of the back foot.
Tactics - 80, able to disect the opponents games with clever variations on simple easy to execute stratergies.

Player E Attacking goat candidate (Federer), break all the rules.
Technique - 100, Insane groundstrokes and serves which dominate for years on tour.
Mental - 90, regularly wins tournaments without dropping serve.
Physicality - 80, blasts winners from everywhere and athletic on approaches.
Tactics - 70, stratergies which are built around exceptional strengths.
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