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Originally Posted by Rosewall View Post
Connors was a sexist? He was raised by his mom and grandma and defended them both to the end. In his book and throughout his career, he never waivered that he respected his mom for teaching him the game and acting as a competent manager who stood up for his interests in a man's world.

Navratilova was the one that picked Connors for Battle of the Sexes II. My memory may be failing, but he took that match seriously and had nothing but respect for Martina. The beloved, saintly Arthur Ashe on the other hand said after Battle of the Sexes I that the best place for women was at home with their children.

There is plenty to dislike about Connors (how about his gambling addiction) without making up crap.
well said Rosewall.

and I reckon being such a close friend to Dino Martin at las vegas has certainly left its marks
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