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Originally Posted by LanEvo View Post
Hey guys, so coming up my partner and I will be playing a different type of opponent, they are ones who essentially go double-back at the baseline on all points (at least from what I/we have observed from watching them in previous matches), personally I don't believe the both of us have enough experience playing against these type of opponents and we have talked about certain strategies.

But I want to ask, what the is the best way to play this match? What strategies should/could we use to counter? How would we counter this? We have discussed where we both go to net, but then the opponents could just lob back... What else could we do?

Thanks for all the advice, any helpful comment is very helpful and taken into consideration.
Bringing them to net is good advice. I would feed them a healthy dose of short, low balls. Dropshots are fine, too. This strategy works great, however, you must do this carefully. You and your partner must be very smart about it.

For your team... whoever hits the short ball should only do it on your net man's side of the court. So usually, it is the baseline player on your team who hits a short CC angle. If you bring wrong guy forward, you expose an easy crosscourt short angle that your opponent can exploit... hitting it behind your team's own net man. Never bring an opponent forward when they are being given an easy CC angle. My partner and I have used this strategy with great success, but you have to always remember to bring the correct person forward.

Another strategy I have used is for your baseline player to start hitting heavy topspin CC lobs. These will be a pain in the neck for your opponents. They will usually be forced to lob it back. However, eventually they get sick of it and will try to flatten out the ball. When that happens... your team's net man should look to poach. But many times, it will draw an error.

So there's a couple of strategies that I've used. Hope that helps.
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