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Originally Posted by Fxanimator1 View Post
This is a video me hitting a one handed back hand, but I'm sure a video of Dimitrov would be a better example.
My goals for my backhand is to keep my racquet head up more on the take back and open up my shoulders more on my follow through. Even though my weight is fully transitioned on to my front leg, I want to have more knee bend to in it, so that I can power it out more at contact.
What do you think of the issue of the upper arm and how it presses against the chest? Your arm appears to be pressing on the chest as you start your forward swing. It's done in a very smooth way.

For the initial acceleration some players might have picked up which muscles to use naturally with feel but others/most use other muscles. ?

If the mind set is to use the weaker shoulder muscles instead of body turn for the initial acceleration that might prevent some players from getting a higher level backhand.

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