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Originally Posted by Chas Tennis View Post
What do you think of the issue of the upper arm and how it presses against the chest? Your arm appears to be pressing on the chest as you start your forward swing. It's done in a very smooth way.

For the initial acceleration some players might have picked up which muscles to use naturally but others use other muscles. ?

If the mind set is to use the weaker shoulder muscles instead of body turn for the initial acceleration that might prevent some players from getting a higher level backhand.
You are correct my upper arm is tight against my right chest muscle, but any power comes from my legs and hips and torso. You can tell that my weight has fully transitioned to my front foot for power, and the follow through is nothing more than me NOT trying to stop or slow my swing after contact. But I'm still and always will be tweaking things for better results.
I am not sure if racquet weight and balance play a part in this issue but, I use a Pro Staff 90 BLX, I've been using Pro Staff 85's, and 90's since '92, so maybe I am just used to that feel.

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