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Originally Posted by Fxanimator1 View Post
Maybe I can explain the "feeling" better. I perform my back swing by turning my core and racquet arm around toward the back. The tight arm against the chest feeling, is not because I'm squashing my arm against my chest, but because I've started uncoiling my core and my arm happens to be in the way and lagging behind...which results in my racquet arm sling-shotting into contact. I don't know all the technical wording, but that is the feeling of what torque feels like to me.
Did you come by that part of your stroke naturally and self-taught or by instruction? Did you do another sport first that may have had a similar motion. Which sport? Baseball?

When things 'lag behind' it probably means some muscles are being stretched because the mass of a body part and racket have to be accelerated. Your sling-shot analogy - It's like tying a rubber band on an object with mass and pulling it fast. At first, the object accelerates slowly but after a lag time the object gets moving. If you don't pull fast enough on the rubber band the object flies by at a higher velocity.

Maybe you stretch some shoulder and arm muscles and they give the higher velocities later in the stroke. First core turn forward, some stretching, at impact arm and racket at a higher velocity. Shoulder feels relaxed entire time because those muscles were only stretched and later provides some high speed force from pre-stretch...... ?

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