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Originally Posted by Topspin Shot View Post
You started this thread to ask for feedback. You said it "would be greatly appreciated." I give you honest feedback, and this is how you react?

Look, you're about eight feet behind the baseline to receive a slow to medium paced ball from a ball machine. Yes, the incoming ball was quite deep in the court, but if you're this far back in match play against similar balls, it's not good. You don't have Rafa Nadal or Bjorn Borg speed to cover shorter/angled shots when your opponent hits them. And the racket face is way too open for this stage in the swing. You'll have to close it rapidly to make the ball go straight, and when you mistime the closing, you'll send the ball long or into the net, which you do multiple times in the video.
Thank you for proving my point. In the video you posted of yourself playing in your 'Me Hitting Around' thread you are hitting from much further behind the baseline on balls nowhere near as deep, falling backwards, and hitting like you're playing over a volleyball net. Why should he take your advice? What are your expert credentials?

Now go cry to the mods...

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