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Originally Posted by JW10S View Post
Thank you for proving my point. In the video you posted of yourself playing in your 'Me Hitting Around' thread you are hitting from much further behind the baseline on balls nowhere near as deep, falling backwards, and hitting like you're playing over a volleyball net. Why should he take your advice? What are your expert credentials?

Now go cry to the mods...
Mere "Ad Hominem". You are trying to discredit his advice because of how he actually plays. However, because he doesn't do what he peaches doesn't mean that what he preaches is wrong.

I'm going to side with TS on this case. The BH looks good; but he's slapping on the FH side. The inconsistency of the position of the wrist creates an inconsistent hitting zone; because depending of the FHs, his wrist position isn't the same, which means the position of his racquet varies and hence the position of the outcoming ball varies.

On the pic Ts posted, the OP is doing exactly what is described in this video.
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