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Originally Posted by Topspin Shot View Post
You started this thread to ask for feedback. You said it "would be greatly appreciated." I give you honest feedback, and this is how you react?

Look, you're about eight feet behind the baseline to receive a slow to medium paced ball from a ball machine. Yes, the incoming ball was quite deep in the court, but if you're this far back in match play against similar balls, it's not good. You don't have Rafa Nadal or Bjorn Borg speed to cover shorter/angled shots when your opponent hits them. And the racket face is way too open for this stage in the swing. You'll have to close it rapidly to make the ball go straight, and when you mistime the closing, you'll send the ball long or into the net, which you do multiple times in the video.
I reacted that way because your feedback was limited to speculation (I'd spray balls if I were standing closer), a failure to recognize that most of the balls the machine was sending were landing at or beyond the baseline, and a misrepresentation of a few missed shots (which took place immediately after I knocked part of the machine down and stopped because I thought I had caused it to pause) as "spraying balls."

And then there was the analysis that my balls are only landing in because of gravity, which seemed strange because I am pretty sure it affects us all equally.

Anyway, your second post, the one I'm quoting, is indeed very helpful and had you started off with something constructive like this, I would have been much more grateful. This second post is excellent and I do thank you for it (although you are still failing to recognize that the ball machine is sending balls long ).
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