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Originally Posted by JW10S View Post
You have to realize that most of the people giving advice on this forum shouldn't be. They do so to feed their fragile egos, they themselves can barely play at all. They have no ranking (now or ever), in fact rarely compete at all, and have little understanding of the sport and how it should be played.

Trust me, you're going to get a lot more 'strange' advice before this thread is done. Take it with a grain of salt, you're getting what you paid for...
Thanks so much. I think I can learn something from all types of players, as long as they are pointing out where or how I'm making mistakes, not just the results of the mistakes. Saying that I'm spraying balls--which I didnt think was even accurate--doesn't really contribute much, and even worse is to speculate that I WOULD SPRAY MORE balls if I stood closer. imo
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