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Originally Posted by psv255 View Post
It's a miracle that you're able to hit flat and hard without doing something bad to your arm/shoulder. Right now your FH swing is much like a shortened version of a baseball swing - coming under the ball with open racket face and scooping over, hoping that you did get some spin on the ball - I can't believe for a second that you can finely control how much spin you put on the ball. Also the way you hit, you have to sort of torque the racket down and around the elbow - its very hard to control a movement like that. Its the kind of movement pros use to smash the ball out of the stadium at the end of a match

Couple of adjustments you can take or leave -
keep the racket and elbow far away from your body all the time (prep, swing, follow thru) - imagine there's an air cushion separating you from your elbow.

Attack the ball with the racket handle, your thumb, and the top edge of your racket, with this whole unit far away from the body and in front of the plane of the chest. What this does is it locks in a good racket angle taht you can consistently hit the ball with. It should feel like youre compressing the ball to a pancake, and not slapping it, and no matter how hard you swing, the ball will stay somewhere close to in.

Dimitrov forehand should be a good model for you - he hits a flat ball but still plenty of spin and good modern elements:

Hope it helps
Good stuff, psv. In fact, everyone's given good advice except for JW10s. I'd really love to hear what he has to say.
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