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Originally Posted by Wondertoy
What did he do for Roddick? The way I see it, he confused the crap out of Andy by telling him to come into net more and serve and volley some because of his serve and size, he needed to attack more. So Andy's been slicing his way into net and coming in and now everyone is beating him! Now Andy is in a no confidence death spiral because Gilbert gave him the wrong advice. You cannot change his style of game and teach him to be a great volleyer at 20, you need to develop the attack game at 14-16! Brag was also the guy who told him to receive serve 10 feet behind the baseline. No one thinks more highly of himself than Gilbert. He is a mediocre coach and a good self promoter who just sold himself to the Brits who are desparate for a champion.
Boy, then how did Roddick win the U.S. Open and become the #1 player under Gilbert's guidance?
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