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Originally Posted by andrehanderson View Post
That is an excellent video, thank you. I think you are exactly right.

But the strange thing is, I think you guys would be surprised at my consistency and pace on the forehand side if you were to ever hit with me. That doesnt mean I think Im doing it correctly, because I totally recognize the slappiness of it and the need to fix it, but I dont think it is making me inconsistent or my shots uncontrollable.
Perhaps you are not being put under pressure when playing the stroke, ie facing deep heavy strokes, being made to move around a lot, receiving incoming shots with varied pace, spin, placement. If your stroke holds up under pressure, and is consistent, then it is an effective stroke....

The players I play with who have the above kind of effective stroke are generally first team club players (i am second team) and they are very good generally.
Every shot I hit is in the comfort zone. My opponent's comfort zone.
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