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Originally Posted by BobbyOne View Post
YaoPau, Excellent analysis. Here only a few thoughts. Budge lost to Tilden (46) in the 1939 British Pro at Southport.

Vines was almost away from tennis in their second tour.

You can't count Budge's 1941 tour against Tilden as a big success: Tilden was 48 and was able to win several matches plus losing often a close match.

Therefore 1941 goes clearly to Perry.

Budge reached the 1953 US Pro final only by beating one player, the inconsistent Kovacs (still a great player).
I agree with everything there. My point with Budge having a claim to 1941 is just a sample size thing. Perry obviously had the better year, but he played just 5 tournaments and Budge played just three.

If we went with who was the best player from the first 5 tournaments in 2014, Wawrinka would be #1, but that's not exactly an accurate depiction of who the best players are in the world right now.

That's part of the challenge in ranking these guys from the Pro Tour era. It's not as easy as just pointing to Pro Slams, or a few of these super small tournaments mixed in ... Pro Slams were often the distant second-tier draw of the tour behind the main H2H tours. Budge dominated Perry before and after 1941, and I'm not sure they even played each other in 1941, so very hard to prove Perry was the better player. Very hard to prove Budge was the better player too, just saying there's gray area there and anyone saying Perry was the clear best player in the world in 1941 is missing the point IMO.

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