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Thanks for the info v-verb!

It looks like the canner version is aimed at maintaining the pressure of new balls -- but could certainly work with re-pressurizing also.

I'm most curious about the finding the "optimal" pressure/duration to recharge balls the fastest. I'm also curious about how much speed could come from "overcharging" balls beyond regulation pressures. Obviously, you couldn't use these balls in tournaments, but they could certainly be fun to play with if there's a significant difference.

From my observations so far, I calculated a fresh set of Penn Championship balls as rebounding between 60-61 inches. This measurement does not factor in drag (as my rig isn't in a vacuum). My height might also not be EXACTLY 100" (although it's very very close if it isn't). Ultimately, it doesn't really matter though. My standard for comparison is my calculated rebound height of brand new balls. "Dead" balls rebound 50-53 inches per my calculations.

Thanks again for the post -- let us know your progress!
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