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It was a great day, wasn't it. It was nice to meet Don today.

Anyway, I did a report relating to my Rafael experiences today -- before his match. For anyone who is interested, it is at:

Warning: this is basically a fan report done for the Nadal site. After dinner, I plan to do a match report, talk about my discussion with Jofre tonight, and then discuss more of what I saw around the grounds today, much of it covered very well above by Chris.

But I have a few other tidbits I'll be adding. It was great to see Tommy playing well again. Anyway, I'll be posting it on another site, and will add the link for anyone who is interested. Please keep in mind I'm doing these for a Rafael site, but I am posting some other items for Bob Larson Tennis, and will give you some tidbits, as I said.

And good job by TW. Lots of visitors to their tent today, and lots of folks lined up for Bryan Bros autographs today.

Take care.

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