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Originally Posted by user92626 View Post

I'm exactly like you when it comes to volley. However, i think I'm further down the road in realization than you are.

Like you I initially thought learning the volley would bring up my game. Not so. It just made my game and my time at the court more miserable! lol. Volley, like any other skills, is not for everyone or enjoyable for everyone. I realize that if you don't have it, don't like it from the get go, you will probably not like it or get better at it. And because this is recreational tennis we should simply do what we enjoy even if it's lopsided.

I suggest that you move on and stick with what you enjoy
Volleying may not be my thing, but I believe that with some work, I can get it done. And I'm not aiming to get crazy good volleys. I just want to be able to finish some points at the net and not be useless in doubles.
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