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Default sysop: New Balance CT801W narrower than CT800W???

I just purchased a pair of New Balance CT801w from TW, size 9 2E. They look and feel narrower than the CT800w's (in the same size) I purchased from you last year. I'm wondering if they are somehow mis-marked and are not really a 2E. Reading the reviews of this shoe, one person complained that the 801w's were WIDER than the 800w's. If only this were the case. The toe box seems narrower, and I've tried adjusting the laces various ways to give myself a little breathing room up front. A sole to sole comparison shows the heel of the 801's looks 1/4 in. narrower than my 800's. Is it possible that these things are mismarked???

The reviews also said these shoes have a break-in period (which I didn't experience with the 800's), but before I decide whether to try them out on the court or to send them back to you, I'd like to have some idea about how they should compare in size to the 800's.

I'm wishing I had bought a few pair of the 800's while they were available.


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