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Originally Posted by Sid_Vicious View Post
His DTL forehand is exceptionally good. Have you noticed how Djokovic is often forced to hit a forehand slice in order to counter Nadal's forehand? Even when he sees it coming, he can't set up hit a regular forehand of it. This is especially true on clay.
Indeed, he either bunts it with a fh slice or throws it up in the air for an easy smash. To me its the shot which turned the tide in Nadal's favor in this matchup excluding indoors and dead slow/low HC (Miami) where Djokovic can still track it down due to his godly flexibility.

He always had this shot but he was hesitant to use it early in the rally and as a 1-2 punch. But since 2013, he has been using it far more frequently and boy is it deadly when he gets good width on it.

Nice to see some fair Fed fans appreciating Nadal's shotmaking skills.
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