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As I've been saing for the last 12 months, Nadal intentionally plays less DTL forehands in non-slams. And no I'm not saying Nadal doesn't try to win their non-slam meetings. I'm saying that the more you use "the key" the less effective it is. So Nadal is careful not to overuse it. He saves heavy use of it for their slam meetings. Its a rule he's sticking to regardless of results. Its incredible self-discipline.
i am not sure if he plays it less in non-slams... but as Nadal himself said in his conversation with Charlie Rose, his forehand DTL is the barometer to judge his game against Djokovic. When its on, he is able to handle Djokovic's outstanding and balanced ground game. Personally, I still think Nadal's reliance on the forehand DTL is not the perfect and long term solution against Djokovic ; he should instead focus on perfecting a reliable backhand DTL. but who am i to advise Nadal? haha. Vamos!
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