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Since I've been in the tent, they have sections on all the major racquet types. And they have folks in there stringing the racquets. That's not my forte, of course, but I can tell you they are busy in there.

And they have other items in there, too. I haven't checked them all out yet, though. I was too busy trying to figure out which cute shirts would sell out in the first days of the tourney and making sure I didn't miss out. That happened to me last year.

Anyway, I got back late from dinner, and I have some other stuff to do. If you want to see my later items on Rafael's match, and my contacts with Jofre Portas, Carlos's coach, you can see them at:

Believe me, this is not stuff all will appreciate it. If you are fans of Spanish players, you may be interested.

I have other stuff I'm doing, but I need to finish it up tomorrow.

Take care.

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