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Originally Posted by Disputaciones View Post
Thanks for all the answers, lead tape seems like the way to go right now, since I'm outside the US and can't buy 2 new original overgrips.

I put the original overgrips somewhere when I first removed them, I didn't throw them away, but they seem to have gotten lost because I can't find them anywhere or maybe somebody in my house threw them away.
Nothing wrong with removing the original grip and using just a single overgrip, especially if you like the feel of less cushion or more pronounced bevels. Overgrips are available in different thicknesses also. The notion that it will hurt your arm is a bit overblown - you really should not have a "death-grip" on your racquets anyway.

I did this to most of my racquets when I decided to reduce my grip size from 5/8 to 3/8 - taking off the original grip and replacing itwith a single overgrip did just that and I wound up liking the feel of the bevels. If you don't want to reduce your grip size (or at least not very much) and/or want more cushioning, you can replace the original grip with 2 overgrips or even wind the lower one with no overlap but overlap the top one - many possibilities.

As far as balance, anytime you take something off or add anything your racquet weight and balance changes. It is real easy to get a postal scale and a yard stick (with some pivot point - dowel or something else to pivot/balance the racquet on the yardstick to get your balance point) and measure the racquet before and after any alteration. If you need to replace some of the weight from the original grip, along with lead tape, tiny lead fishing weights/sinkers under the butt cap work very well also.
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