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Exclamation The Slice Serve Technique


The slice serve gives players more spin and control than the flat serve does but less power. The bounce is low and curves away from the opponent in the same direction as the spin. Players hit the serve with the face of the racquet making contact at the two o'clock position for right-handers and at ten o'clock for left-handers. The slice is produced by contacting the back side of the ball, in this case with the racquet face moving from inside to outside on a diagonal path when viewed from behind. When the ball hits the court, it will kick to the left for a right-hander and will stay lower than a topspin or flat serve does.


Players position themselves in the flat-sevice position and mirror the steps they take when serving a flat serve. When hitting a slice serve, players make contact by hitting the top right section of the ball. They place the toss out in front and slightly to the right of the body at two o'clock (ten o'clock for left-handers). After striking the ball at its highest poin, they complete the follow-through.


Don't know if this will help anyone. Bought a really useful tennis book yesturday, thought I would type out some of the teachings to help fellow tennis players.
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