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those are my MAIN racquets only, i have played with others from time to time, but this is my main list:

Dunlop Max Competition mp, from a friends father...
Wilson Pro Staff 7.5 OS
Wilson Pro Staff Tour 95 (nice...)
Babolat Pure Control std. (i hate this racquet!!)
Volkl CX8 ("buttery")
Wilson Ncode 6.1 95 16x18 (great serves!)
Volkl Catapult 10 (nice, but a little unstable)
Volkl BB10 (i play sometimes with the BB)
Volkl Tour 10 Vengine mp (actual racquet, the best)

Others racquets owned:
Wilson Ncode NPRO (yuk!)
Yonex RDX 500 mp (nice racquet, just not for me)
POG`s mid and OS (exelent frames)
PS 6.0 85 (....not for me)
Emrik GKS-25 (extremely flexy)
Babolat Pure Control Zylon (nice for a bobolat)
Volkl C10 Pro
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