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Originally Posted by Tchocky
I can't even name any Argentine tennis players before Vilas. He was to Argentina what Borg was to Sweden. Shoudn't the ATP Tennis site have most of this information?
ANd then some.
Total understatement there.

Know what you mean, but I can at least name a handful of pre-Borg Swedes who played world-class tennis. My dad's era, basically (and I know these names through my dad: Ove Bengston, Ulf Schmidt, Jan Lundqvist, Lennart Bergelin (who later coached Borg), Sven Davidson --all solid circuit players. I am forgetting one or two, I'm sure. We'll just have to get Steve G to delve into the past! Bud Collins woud have to dig far deeper to find a pre-Vilas Argentine (I know I've got nothing). At all. All I can think of is Jose-Luis Clerc who came along when Vilas was active for several years already.
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