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Originally Posted by Lukhas View Post
Because it seemed not to be the matter at hand for several pages maybe? I maybe eventually bite the bullet, but you hardly can argue most people didn't seem care so far, wouldn't you?
I think if something interests you and you think others may find it interesting, it's normal to write about it. The fact that it hasn't been discussed could be down to any number of reasons.

Originally Posted by Lukhas View Post
Don't think James went for the money; there's plenty money at Monaco. The fame and prestige of the club alone were IMO more important. And I believe Monaco would've sold regardless. He's from Portugal (figuratively speaking), a country that has a good history of selling their players for big bucks. He did a alright L1 season and a good WC. You don't know if he'll be the next Forlan in this regard. Given the steep loss in money Rybololev faced due to his divorce that may have forced him to rethink his strategy, 80+M€ minus bonuses (and maybe 90M€+ given that Real understates the transfer value a lot) is good money for a promising player you don't know if he will confirm or not.
Monaco wanted the money. They won't get an offer that good any time soon.

Originally Posted by Lukhas View Post
Doing a Tottenham? tottenham doesn't have a defence to begin with, that's a steep comparison. Well I believe they didn't take Rémy to actually replace Suarez in any way. My guess being that Sturridge will have this role. Me thinks that Rémy despite favouring the axis will be once more exiled to the wing and used for sprinting. I actually doubt LFC has the bucks, Suarez's transfer or not, to attract a big star either. So, go a tier lower and fill for PL.
Obviously the parallel between the two clubs is in the sale of a highly valued footballer to use the proceeds to buy a lot of average players.

Originally Posted by Lukhas View Post
Pellegrini? Mangala. 40€M is overkill though, but that's Protugal for you.
Not sure it's that simple. I think they paid it to deny another Premier League club. You figure out which
Luke had a better H2H but Vader is still the GOAT.
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