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Originally Posted by PureAlph4 View Post
Thanks for the summary.

It's interesting how French club football seems to lack ambition, despite producing so many fantastic players, especially when compared to what the Top 14 has managed to achieve in European club rugby. I always found it odd that one of the big economic powers of Europe, with a strong national team, great youth production system, and decent stadiums, can end up being an exporter of its best talent. As you say, maybe it's because French club culture has not been attractive enough to build the league into a global product over the past 20 years.

I totally agree about more players now being happy to 'bury themselves' at clubs where they will earn more money, but where they will not progress. In England the same thing has happened with a lot of talented young guys who were establishing themselves, then chose to move to bigger clubs where they would never play and their career progression would be killed (Jack Rodwell, Scott Sinclair etc). This summer many clubs would have wanted to sign Bacary Sagna (on a Bosman), but he chose one of the few clubs in the world where he won't be first choice, and so won't play much (Zabaleta is probably the best RB in the PL, and Sagna is perhaps 2nd best).

As for Lloris, I never understood why Wenger didn't go for him when he was available for EUR 10m, and at a time where we had great instability at the position.
As a further addition to that already lengthy and plenty edited post, I also must mention that the lack of ambition also has sources not only in the beliefs but also in the very existence of the DNCG. I already talked about them before, but let's say you don't know. Basically, they are the people who look at your funds and decide whether you're in or out. FFP? Not even close. FFP only cares about your balance; they don't look at your debts, they only care about if you waste more money than you win: that's why it has fair-play in its name. DNCG doesn't care where the money (legally of course) comes from, they only care about the health of the club. that's why you have the R.C. Lens, that earned its comeback in L1 that may stay in L2 regardless because the DNCG doesn't believe in their economics in any way. Not to mention the catastrophic communication and handling the case had by Lens' president who outright lied about receiving 10 more millions to validate the budget from his main
You also have the story of Luzenac, a very small village that earned on the pitch the right to play in L2 but may still not because DNCG.

It really sounds disgusting given that the players earned the promotion, but it's not really ill thinking: the DNCG doesn't want clubs not paying their employees or crashing down financially speaking because these clubs saw themselves bigger than they are. Le Mans was sent straight 4 divisions down when it happened after they couldn't come back to L1 due to their new stadium -and especially the abusive rent that came with it. Which means that even if you had a satisfying season, you have to be very careful about how you invest that money next season because "they" are watching you.

On the flip side, it also means that you're not going to see catastrophic situations like in few Spain clubs either. I do believe that if there was such an organization in Spain, the BBVA barely would have enough clubs to be launched by August. Barça and RMFC simply sucks all the money made through TV. On the contrary, the money income is extremely balanced between clubs in England.

And actually there was a point in the 90's where France was on the top if not near the top of the UEFA rankings. As you may have noticed, few clubs possess their stadiums either. The problem isn't reaching the top per say, but sustaining it and little to no clubs have/had what it takes and especially the luck to do so. Also, not only Marseille is going to be abused by excessive rents, they also were refused the right to even attempt to buy the stadium to begin with...

Originally Posted by Russeljones View Post
I think if something interests you and you think others may find it interesting, it's normal to write about it. The fact that it hasn't been discussed could be down to any number of reasons.
Thanks for basically saying what I've said.
Originally Posted by Russeljones View Post
Monaco wanted the money. They won't get an offer that good any time soon.
I highly doubt it's that simple as "wanting the money". Rybolovlev may not be as rich as before, he's still sitting on several billions. Monaco doesn't need money. The offer is indeed good, but the money isn't the real reason IMO.
Originally Posted by Russeljones View Post
Obviously the parallel between the two clubs is in the sale of a highly valued footballer to use the proceeds to buy a lot of average players.
I believe Liverpool doesn't have the attractiveness nor the funds yet to buy the player they really want. It's that simple. However I do believe the team is more balanced than Tottenham. Well Remy isn't awful either. At least, not as awful as the Spurs' defence line...
Originally Posted by Russeljones View Post
Not sure it's that simple. I think they paid it to deny another Premier League club. You figure out which
If they did, that's uselessly poisoning the well for little reasons whatsover. Even if footballers tend to be stupid, you wouldn't sign in any club for 40M€ just for the paycheck and Premier League logo. It's nothing but Porto's buyout clause after all, so they complied but did not put that much money on the top either. That said, and even if it's overpaid, the number of young talented defenders isn't exactly very, very high either. I do believe Mangala happens to be in this category. We'll see if he signs to begin with.

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