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Originally Posted by Feņa14 View Post
The formation makes sense imo, Holland were pretty weak at centre back, but it worked for them. Man Utd are weak in that area with Jones, Smalling and Evans, so it looks good on that front.

What's interesting for me is if it'll get figured out over the course of a season, it's hard to pick it apart in knockout football like the World Cup, but easier over 38 games.
I am sure they will revert to 451. United doesn't have the players for 3 at the back. Smalling is a liability, Evans to a lesser extent, as well. Jones is an enigma for me. That away leg Real match was probably the most impressive showing from him in a Man Utd shirt. I want him to go on a streak of solid matches. Right now he looks like he is getting injured in every match.
Luke had a better H2H but Vader is still the GOAT.
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