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Originally Posted by seb23 View Post
Hi Mikeler, I've been using your recommended hybrid of Black 5 Edge in the mains and Thunder Blast in the crosses and really like it, it feels really comfy and has good control and spin. The issue is that it's lasted me about 5 hours so far and is on the verge of snapping. I wondered if you had any recommendations for an alternative to Thunder Blast but with a bit more durability.

I am not a 5.0, but do hit with a lot of 4.5 guys on my 8.5 combo teams and 8.0 mixed teams, so suggest you try B5E/ Tecnifibre HDX 130mm or 135 mm if you can get it.

I used BE5/X-One 16g for four years - bought both by the reel and only needed 16 for the crosses.

HDX Is soft like X-One and NRG2 but last longer.
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