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I own:
1.Pro kennex graphite dominator(mid)
2.Pro kennex graphite dominator(mid+)
3.Head liquidmetal prestige(MP)
4.Babolat Pure control Zylon(std.)
5.Babolat Aero pro drive(std.)
6.Babolat Pure drive(std.)-2
7.Volkl tour 9 v-engine(18x20)-2
8.Wilson court vision
9.wilson cobra (old school, heavy rac)
10.A woodie
11.A wierd fibreglass stick

used to own:
1.Wilson ultra(OS)
2.Head Lady XL(don't laugh,'twas a good stick)
3.Head Liquidmetal radical(MP)
4.Yonex RD-ti control(awesome stick, regret giving it to my cous)
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