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Originally Posted by Chanchai
The big reason not many people are calling him a favorite, even in the Agassi/Hewitt tier, is because if anything... He looks like he's a guy who will beat everyone EXCEPT the favorites that most people have chosen (namely Roddick and Agassi, implying Hewitt, and certainly Federer). And if he were to make the final, it's likely he'll have to deal with two of them, maybe three. But in his matches with any of those favorites who have sort of seperated themselves from the field for the summer, he's been awfully close to taking them down. Just looked like it was a battle of wills, killer instinct, and heart by the end of some matches--as opposed to a last second tank job.

Yes but he's been out injured and even Haas will admit he's surprised at how fast he's managed to recapture some of his form of old that saw him getting to number 2 in the world. Can he beat the very best? Well if he did he'd be a favorite already.. n I think it would be fair to say Tommy has been mentally fragile in the past. I think good for a top 10 place consistently over the next 2/3 years but not quite challenging for number 1.
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